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Welcome to VSGi’s audio visual learning center. Here you’ll find helpful information about leveraging the latest innovative audio visual technologies to enhance connection and collaboration in your organization. 

Here you’ll find resources from both VSGi’s internal teams and specially curated content from our partners to help you better plan your AV projects and keep your team connected after implementation.

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Learn how VSGi helped the University of Florida Health Science Center create a distance learning system to ensure students at multiple locations across the state could access curricular content without the time challenges and costs of traveling to the Gainesville campus to access top faculty.

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Learn how VSGi helped the Georgia Department of Public Health overcome geographical boundaries to healthcare access and create a culture of collaboration among state physicians with Cisco technology.

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AV Integration

Audio Visual Post Covid and the Demand for AV Integration Services

Now that the pandemic is almost gone, we are seeing some changes in the AV industry. Most restrictions have been lifted, allowing for a return to normalcy. Where does the audiovisual industry stand in this post Covid times?

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AV Integration

Legrand AV: The Hybrid Workplace

Returning to work means returning to in-person meetings, but the spaces where people meet are going to look much different. Setting up the post-pandemic conference room is all about raising the bar for a superior user experience for your hybrid workforce. After all, conference calls should be amazing whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

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AV Integration

Understanding What AV Integration Services Can Do for Your Business

An AV integrator will guide you through the process and bring their expertise to get the right design and features for your business. But that’s only a slice of the cake; this guide walks you through everything great an AV integrator has to offer to your business. So, let’s dive right in!

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AV Integration

How to Build an Efficient and Modern Conference Room

The modern conference room, as the present world demands, needs to be built for hybrid work and more activities than just meetings. As such, being intentional about making your conference room functional, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing can help you build a killer conference room.

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AV Integration

Weighing the Merits of LCD Vs. LED Video Walls

One of the most important components of a video wall solution is the display type, and the common types that people look at are LCD video walls and LED video walls.

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AV Integration

Video Wall Information and Workspace in Operations Environments

The main goal when implementing video wall technology is to create a unified display, not several individual screens that appear pieced together.

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