Next Generation Learning

Modern lecture hall with video screens.

Audiovisual technology is transforming how students learn in both higher education and corporate training environments. VSGi Video Conferencing & Collaboration Solutions offer educational institutions, educators, corporate trainers, and students transformative opportunities to improve learning experiences, curricula, and ultimately, the way we teach and learn.

Within the classroom, AV technologies enhance the way we teach and learn, giving teachers and trainers powerful new tools to engage students with more interactive and innovative educational experiences. Video conferencing and distance learning solutions extend learning beyond the classroom via live streaming and recorded content.

VSGi's Classroom of the Future Technologies

Elementary students distance learning in classroom

Video Displays and Projectors

As large screen video displays and high definition video projectors become more affordable, it is easier than ever to share electronic presentations, stream videos, or display camera feeds of in-class demonstrations.

Millennials using a SMART Technology interactive whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboards

Take content display to a new level with interactive whiteboards. Not only do these devices display content much like a high def video display, but their interactive features allow teachers to write, manipulate and erase notes just like a traditional chalkboard. Plus, the interactive touch technology allows multiple students to engage directly with learning content for highly interactive learning.

Poly Eagle Eye Camera

Cameras, Mics and Speakers

Enhance and capture the classroom experience with modern cameras, mics and speakers. In large, auditorium style classrooms these are integral to optimizing the in-room student experience. Professional integration ensures proper placement and calibration so all students can see and hear the instructor clearly and actively participate in the class.

Students using laptops to take notes in class

BYOD Support

Laptops and tablets are ubiquitous in classrooms and training facilities today. VSGi makes supporting student and teachers who bring their own devices. From simplified content sharing to special furnishings with charging and connectivity features, we offer a variety of options to help.

Students collaborating in a study group

Huddle Spaces and Study Rooms

Learning extends far beyond the classroom and teaching students the collaboration skills they will need for success in modern workplaces requires group projects. VSGi offers a complete array of AV integration services for meeting rooms and huddle spaces of all sizes. 

Control panel with touch screen

Scheduling and Digital Signage

Room scheduling and wayfinding support is a nice way to enhance student and visitor experiences in your facilities. Not only do they help orient people to where they need to go, these systems offer the flexibility to display easy to update messaging and notices. Plus, they can transform to display life-saving instructions and evacuation directions in the event of an emergency.

Helpdesk support from VSGi

Remote Monitoring

Managing equipment across many classrooms and learning spaces can be a significant challenge. VSGi’s remote monitoring solutions make it easy to track the health and usage patterns for all your devices and efficiently manage system updates or schedule equipment repairs as needed.

Distance Learning

Student in distance learning class
VSGi designs distance learning solutions that allow you to reliably deliver borderless education options. More effectively engage your students, extend your reach, and expand your offerings while reducing administrative costs and improving staff productivity. Today’s online learning environments today provide faculty and students the ability to be located anywhere, use any device, and use multiple modalities for delivering and accessing content in a teaching and learning environment. High definition video, video on demand such as lecture capture, and BYOD or mobility with visual collaboration capabilities enable you to provide borderless education where you can multiply your impact, extend your reach and improve your student’s access to knowledge and expertise.

Live Classes

Extending the learning environment beyond the classroom is easier and more cost effective than ever with today’s robust video conferencing and distance learning technologies. Live streaming classes allows distance learners to listen and participate in class remotely. It allows students to virtually attend class even when they are sick. It allows working students to attend class without missing work to travel to and from campus. It broadens the education institution’s geographic reach to include regional, national and even international students.

On-Demand & Streaming

Recording classes for on-demand replay can dramatically increase student satisfaction and organizational efficiency. It allows students to virtually make up missed classes or review challenging material for better learning. Plus it allows infrequently taught classes to be available to meet students’ scheduling needs. Combinations of independent study and small group learning programs with on-demand lecture programs can significantly expand instructor-utilization efficiency. With proper implementation these technologies quickly pay for themselves by reducing administrative costs and improving staff productivity.

Administrative Collaboration

Central and campus administration steps into the future when the latest AV innovations are at hand. Our solutions help you remain competitive while improving operational efficiencies, generating revenue and streamlining communications. Whether expanding your research program, extending student services, growing alumni or parent relationships or simply conducting meetings, our video conferencing solutions will help your staff collaborate more effectively to drive success.

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