Back to Reality: Enabling one-click, connected meetings for in-office and off site employees with ClickShare Conference

When your meeting room is in sync, so is your team.  With ClickShare Conference, any meeting space is optimized to amplify human connection.  See more, hear more, and work better with one-click hybrid meetings.

Mix and match your laptop, conferencing platforms, and peripherals to transform your organization’s collaborative meetings.  Join Kevin Sickles, Business Development Manager, to learn how ClickShare Conference makes hybrid meetings easy.

Seamless wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms

For meetings to be as productive as they can possibly be, participants need to feel engaged and inspired. ClickShare CX-30 from Barco offers a seamless wireless conferencing solution that can be used on any device to bring teams together–wherever they are in the world–to participate in inclusive meetings that generate the best ideas and discussion points. Compatible with any PC, laptop or Mac device running Windows, Android or iOS operating systems; ClickShare CX-30 can turn small to medium-sized meeting rooms into innovative meeting and conference facilities.


Jennifer Schnell
Kevin Sickles
Brian Drake

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