Connected Classrooms

Flexibility is the New Normal

Connected Classrooms • Content Sharing • Remote Support

VSGi designs learning environments that effectively engage your students, extend your reach, and expand your offerings while reducing administrative costs and improving staff productivity. Large format displays, interactive whiteboards, simplified content sharing all enhance the learning experience in any size classroom. Adding microphones and speakers to larger lecture halls ensures students can engage wherever they are seated.

Paired with our distance learning solutions, VSGi’s advanced in-classroom technologies allow you to reliably extend the classroom experience to support both remote and hybrid attendance models.  

VSGi Learning Technologies

Modern lecture hall with video screens.

Interactive Whiteboards and Video Displays

Modern interactive whiteboards not only enhance the in-classroom experience with hands-on interaction and digital integration with laptops, but they also make sharing content for distance learners easier than ever. VSGi offers numerous interactive whiteboard products, including options from SMART Technologies and the Microsoft Surface Hub line. 

Properly integrated large format video displays make it easy for instructors to simultaneously share content for the classroom on the in-room displays and to remote students via video conference sharing functionality. VSGi simplifies the user interface so your faculty can intuitively interface with both in-room and distance learning systems.

Poly Eagle Eye Camera

Modern Classroom Video Equipment

Capturing the classroom experience is one of the first steps in opening up your classes for distance learning. VSGi can designs systems with specialized noise filtering directional microphones and the latest AI-enhanced cameras with automatic panning, framing, and focus. These advanced systems virtually eliminate the difficult and costly hands hands-on equipment management associated with legacy classroom AV systems.

Student in distance learning class

Video Conferencing and Video Streaming

The VSGi Meetings cloud video conferencing solution powered by Pexip is a powerful, enterprise grade online collaboration system. We support the delivery of both live distance learning classroom experiences and on-demand content streaming options.

Supporting live distance learning is easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Lecture Capture

We offer a variety of ways to capture lectures and make them available for asynchronous viewing. Our most advanced systems automatically capture the classroom experience then publish it to a content management and delivery platform. It features advanced search, embeddable content questions/scoring, and full usage analytics reporting. Our simplest systems allow you to automatically stream video conference feeds to cloud video platforms or social media.

Personal Productivity Equipment from Poly

Personal Collaboration Technology

Professors and instructors leading classes to and from remote locations can enhance their professional presence and enhance audio and video clarity with professional grade web cameras, speaker phones, and noise cancelling headsets. Outfitting your entire team with the right tools is more affordable than you might think.