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In 1925, radio enthusiast Sidney Shure started a company to sell radio part kits via mail order. As demand for DIY radio kits waned as factory-built radios became available on the market, Sidney and his brother Samuel transitioned to selling microphones. Their iconic Unidyne mic was popular throughout the 20th century with politicians like John Kennedy, Harry Truman, Fidel Castro, and Martin Luther King as well as popular singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Over the years, they’ve added wireless mic systems, sound mixers, digital signal processors, headphones, conference room mics, software and many related products, but their preeminence in microphone technology continues to shine.  www.shure.com

Featured Shure Webinars

Audio Basics for IT Professionals

With the rise of digital audio networking, the line between the IT and AV professional is quickly blurring. For those more comfortable with networking, adding audio networking to the mix can be daunting. Fortunately, Shure is here to help bridge that knowledge gap.

Microphone Selection and Placement for Conference Rooms

Understanding how to choose microphones for today’s complex conference spaces can be confusing and daunting. While the microphone is only part of the much larger conferencing puzzle, it should be one of the first things to consider to enable intelligible conference audio. Join Criss Niemann, Sr Market Development, and Rob Klegon, Product Manager, to learn more about the art of form and function when considering microphone choices that enable seamless conference audio.

Microphone Selection and Placement for Podcasting and Mobile Recording

Are you interested in starting a podcast now that you are home? Or have you been podcasting for a while and are looking to up your audio game? Are you confused about how to choose the right mic for this new form of audio content? This webinar talks about microphone selection and placement and how to create, record, and edit an episode.