Financial Services

Connect with customers and boost your brand with the latest innovations in AV technology

VSGi offers an array of customized solutions to enable financial services firms, banks, and brokerage firms and insurance companies immediate, seamless, and secure collaboration with customers, remote locations, and corporate offices. Since we partner with a variety of leading vendors, we can craft custom solutions to precisely meet your business objectives.

High-touch Customer Service

The financial sector is increasingly turning to video conferencing solutions to meet the demands of high-value customers for accessibility. We offer solutions for secure, natural, interactive HD video meetings can be conducted over the internet and on 3G/4G/LTE mobile networks.

Personal Wealth Management Connections

Maintaining the value of face to face communications and trust-building with clients in wealth management programs remains important even in an era of social distancing. Video conferencing offers a great way to continue building close relationships. It allows your team to connect with highly personal interactions and read important non-verbal communication from clients.

Online Banking

Video enabled banking is here—and it can revolutionize the way you interact with your customers. We have the ability to bring the convenience of an ATM and the high level customer service of in-person tellers to any location you serve. By using remote resources to connect over video with your customers, you can reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

Remote Branch Communications

VSGi can help you enhance branch communication and increase customer satisfaction. The Polycom visual collaboration experience is real-time, interactive and highly immersive. That helps financial companies be more efficient in their activities, more responsive to customer needs, and more profitable in the long run – even in times of economic instability.