Operations Centers

Bring Content and Data to Life with Large-Scale Viewing Experiences

Send the right information when and where it’s needed

Increased Visibility • Actionable Data • Faster Decisions

Decisions happen fast in command centers. VSGi ensures your data displays are always clear, reliable and optimized for your needs.  Video walls are ideal solutions for command and control environments to monitor networks, identify problems and drive to quick resolutions. VSGi bring your monitoring data to life so you can make real-time decisions in these mission critical environments.

Finding the Best Operation Center System

Successful operations center projects require a complex symphony of equipment, networking and power functionality for an optimum visual experience. We work with some of the best equipment vendors in the world to ensure that every project is specifically designed to best support your command and control data display and monitoring requirements.

Here are some of our preferred vendors for operations center projects:

Popular Operations Center Solutions

Operations center tracking geographic data

Command and Control Centers

Whether you need to track diverse information across your business or across your region, VSGi can configure a control system to capture and clearly display your video and data feeds to support rapid decision-making success.

Security Operations Center

Security Operations Centers

Clear visibility into your video feeds and monitoring data makes preventing, detecting, analyzing and responding to security incidents faster and easier. When the safety of your people is at stake, count on VSGi to optimize the audio visual user interface for your security team for more complete security coverage and enhanced response.

Network Operations Center

Network Operations Centers

Make all your network and IT system monitoring data easy to access at all times. VSGi can deploy a variety of visual solutions to make keeping your systems optimized easier – from video walls to banks of adjacent monitors. Plus we can add Microsoft Teams or Zoom enabled voice lines and video conferencing capabilities for immediate collaboration when system issues occur.