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Streamlining the Legal and Judicial Process

Meeting in a law firm

The use of video conferencing technology has revolutionized legal services, both at the law firm and judicial level. VSGi has been a key partner for federal, state, and municipal courts across the country for over a decade. Through our partnerships with key industry leaders, including PolyCiscoPexip, Microsoft and Zoom, we are able to deliver dynamic, reliable video conferencing, digital signage and personal communication equipment securely to a variety of environments.

Video Conferencing

Our deployments to jails and prisons with video conferencing to courthouses has led to substantial cost savings in inmate transfer and security costs. Likewise, law firms enjoy the ability to communicate with experts for depositions, witnesses, and fellow counsel without the added costs and time associated with travel. Some of our most avid customers are large firms which need to have collaboration capabilities across offices. Added features like simplified content sharing and meeting control systems make your meetings both faster and easier to join and more effective.

Video Walls

If you need a versatile video wall that can make a strong brand statement in your office lobby and support client events or all-hands video conference meetings, VSGi can help you select, configure and deploy best one for your needs and location.

Digital Signage

VSGi designs and deploys many types of digital signage solutions for law firms and court systems. From simple meeting room schedule displays to building wayfinding panels to full-featured digital signage systems, we can accommodate nearly any requirement. 

Court Docket Display Systems

VSGi offers a complete solution for displaying daily docket schedules via digital signage for courthouses. Our custom DocketDisplay application can capture daily schedule data from your on-premise, mainframe, or SaaS scheduling applications and display it in easy to read formats wherever you need to share it – on digital signs and via the web. We work with multiple digital signage scheduling applications to syndicate individual docket schedules to their respective courthouses.

Users at each courthouse can update or remove cases as schedules change throughout the day. They can even display custom messages for holiday greetings or scheduling changes. Admins can manage user access and overall signage schedules.

The entire system is customizable from data flows to design to sign content syndication and scheduling.

Custom SaaS Application

DocketDisplay Digital Signage 

Digital signage displaying court docket and room number information

Learn how to easily display daily court docket schedules on new digital signs with VSGi’s custom DocketDisplay application. 

Need to display other internal system data? Ask about VSGi’s custom software development options that make it easy to ingest, format and display the data your team needs.