Workplace Safety

Solutions to Increase Return to Work Safety

COVID-Save Workplace

Making workplaces safer and helping employees feel more secure are both crucial objectives for re-opening workplaces after COVID closures. VSGi offers an array of specialized solutions and services to support your re-opening effort.

Wireless room scheduling

Touchless Conference Rooms

VSGi’s engineering team can quickly transform most existing conference rooms to work hands-free. Simple upgrades to room scheduling, adding wireless content sharing functionality, and installing room occupancy sensors are easy updates to keep your people safer in meetings.

OneScreen GoSafe

GoSafe from OneScreen

Allow entry to your locations based on temperature, mask detection, facial recognition, ID card or via remote approval with this innovative hands-free automatic screener. It’s available in wall-mounted, table top and floor stand configurations. It can be managed as a stand-alone, offline device or via a local LAN or the cloud. It prevents people with elevated temperatures or no mask from entering your offices, hospitals or public spaces.

NovaTizer Hand Sanitizer Stand with Digital Display

NovaTizer Digital Hand Sanitizing Dispenser

Easily share announcements, videos, and other content while encouraging employees and visitors to keep their hands clean and limit germ transmission. These wall-mounted and free-standing units combine a 21.5” commercial display with a touch-free, motion-activated dispenser for gel, foam or liquid sanitizer. They are wi-fi enabled and come ready to display uploaded content as well as social media and new feeds. They also work popular digital signage content management applications.

Embrava Desk Signs

Embrava Desk Signs

The Embrava desk signage system makes it easier to adapt open offices and shared workspaces to new safety norms. By placing the unobtrusive 3”x4” devices at each desk, huddle space or conference room, you can encourage appropriate social distancing, manage cleaning protocols, and facilitate contact tracking if someone becomes ill.

Amazon Echo & Alexa Custom Skills

Amazon Alexa for Business Custom Skills

Amazon’s Alexa can significantly simplify setting up touch free meeting room controls. VSGi can customize an Alexa skill to allow your employees to book meeting rooms, start meetings, and call address book contacts with simple voice commands. You can even add device monitoring using Amazon Cloud Watch.