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VSGi conference room collaboration solutions are simple to operate and consistently deliver a flawless visual communications experience. The better the experience, the more people use video conferencing. That increases adoption and ultimately, ROI.

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Polycom RealPresence Room video, voice and content collaboration solutions drive organizational benefits that go far beyond savings in travel expense and time.


Customize meeting rooms with Cisco Collaboration Room solutions to meet your business needs and transform your collaboration environment.

VSGi Helps You Select the Best Video Conferencing Services for Your Unique Business Needs

Finding the right videoconferencing service and equipment, connecting multiple endpoints and ensuring that your users consistently have a great user experience is tough. At VSGi, we specialize in helping you select the right services and products for your organization’s unique needs and making sure the components all work together seamlessly.

We work with the world’s leading cloud service and on premise video conferencing service providers to ensure you get exactly the right capabilities to meet your team’s needs. Learn more about the types of video conferencing systems and the most popular video conferencing features.


The Right Collaboration Features Make A Big Difference

A video conference consisting of a conversation between two people in different locations (offices) is known as point-to-point video conferencing. Point to point video conferencing systems allow you to make video calls to a specific person or location.

A video conference between many people from multiple sites is known as multipoint video conferencing. Joining a multi-point video session is more like joining a conference call than making a direct personal phone call.

Video conferencing is not limited to seeing and speaking with people between locations. It is also used for real time collaboration and file sharing. Whether you’re simply screen-sharing a presentation or using integrated whiteboards, document cameras or other A/V resources, visuals add a lot to the conversation. And, it doesn’t matter how many people are in your video conference, with the right system and configuration you can share content with every single person as if they were in your conference room or office with you.

According to a recent report from Forrester, 78% of companies use videoconferencing equipment from more than one end point vendor and 84% use more than one cloud-based video conferencing solution. This makes optimizing meeting rooms and collaboration services for multi-platform support more critical than ever.

Automatically adjusting the camera to highlight the person who is speaking makes video conferencing more dynamic and makes it easier to pick up on nuances of expression and body language.

Unwanted noise can disrupt your meeting conversations. Advanced noise cancellation technologies have become adept enough to differentiate between the speech of meeting participants and distractions such as ambient noise, keyboard typing, snack crunching, or paper shuffling. Many systems can automatically mute and unmute speakers to reduce audio clutter. Acoustic fencing uses microphone sensitivity to selectively include only meeting participants in close proximity without picking up sounds beyond the meeting space.

Is 4K worth the extra investment in equipment and bandwidth or would 1080P be sufficient? The right answer depends on what content you’re sharing and how your room is configured. When VSGi’s engineers curate components for a system, this analysis helps them recommend the right resolution, contrast and brightness options.

Whiteboards make meetings more engaging and provide an easy way to capture ideas and action items. Interactive whiteboards extend that functionality to all of our virtual meeting participants. Plus, they often have the ability to capture and distribute the content (so you don’t have to rely on emailing photos from your phone!)

VSGi’s room scheduling signage solutions make it easy to reserve meeting rooms.  We connect interactive touchpads outside each room with the shared calendar features of your favorite office suite – Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or G Suite to make scheduling a breeze for all of your employees. Plus, you can easily see each room’s schedule to reserve a free meeting time on the spot. 

If you have multiple meeting rooms or multiple locations to manage, a remote monitoring and management solution can save time, headaches and money. These allow you to push system updates and monitor usage patterns.