Immersive Telepresence

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Immersive telepresence video conference with life-size displays.

Immersive telepresence systems are the most sophisticated communication systems available. Their high-fidelity audio and video, advanced automatic camera tracking and robust content sharing and streaming functionality adds tremendous value for deep collaboration. The true-to-life quality and exacting details enhance collaboration, so you don’t miss vital visual nuances and non-verbal communication.

They are truly high end systems for organizations that want to take traditional video conferencing to another level and deliver to their virtual teams and work groups collaboration experiences that are truly realistic and deeply collaborative.

VSGi’s immersive telepresence solutions are very flexible. While it is ideal to have immersive capabilities for all participants in a teleconference, we can configure your system to work with any type of video conferencing system your colleagues may have available – immersive systems, room technologies or even desktop and mobile collaboration services. Our configuration options include options for services such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Pexip, WebEx and Zoom.


Featured Vendors

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Poly RealPresence

Poly immersive theaters create shared virtual spaces where users forget they are on video and interact with one another as if they really are in the same room. 

Datasheet - Poly RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex
Datasheet - Poly RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex

With Cisco immersive video collaboration systems, you can conduct meetings with colleagues worldwide as if everyone were in the same location. With true-to-life quality and exacting details to enhance in-person collaboration, you won’t miss visual nuances.