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While the Covid crisis forced people to try virtual consultations and remote monitoring by necessity, experts predict telemedicine technology will transform healthcare going forward. McKinsey reports that user adoption of telehealth services skyrocketed from just 11% of patients in 2019 to 46% in 2020. And 76% of patients surveyed said they would be interested in using telehealth services going forward.

VSGi partners with the leading providers of telemedicine equipment and services as well as top AV technology manufacturers to deliver fully-integrated, easy to use telemedicine solutions.

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Our Most Popular Telemedicine Solutions

Ironbow Clinic Telemedicine Cart

CLINiC Clinical Care Devices

Clinic is a collaborative consultation system specifically designed to make it easy for providers and patients to connect. It allows health care providers to confer via video conference to home-based patients or to fellow providers in remote facilities.

  • Full videoconferencing support
    Automated camera, built-in microphone, clear display
  • Intuitive icon-based interface
    Simplifies training so users can interface with the device after minimal training
  • Optional scope and peripheral add-ons
    Connect your favorite exam scopes for more thorough examinations
  • Flexible mounting options
    Mount the system on a mobile cart, on a wall, on a desk or on an arm mount
  • Multiple platform options
    Leverage and integrate with your existing Cisco, Poly and other equipment
Iron Bow MedView Telemedicine & Patient Monitoring System

Medview + Observation CLINiC

Leverage your existing in-patient entertainment systems to enable remote specialist consultations via video conferencing and remote patient monitoring. Applications include patient monitoring/e-sitting, multi-speciality visits, e-rounding, virtual family visits and patient education. The system allows effective low light patient monitoring and includes integrated audio. It can be combined with the Clinic device to enable in-room remote consultations with specialists.

Download the product datasheets to learn more about Medview and the Observation CLINiC:

Mobile Exam Device Case (MEDiC)

MEDiC Mobile Exam Device Case

The MEDiC mobile exam device allows you to take healthcare to the field. It provides support for a wide spectrum of telehealth services within a lightweight, portable, and ruggedized case. It is designed to enhance patient care and medical access for mobile telehealth applications including ambulatory care, community-based healthcare, K-12 locations.

Download the product datasheet to learn more about the MEDiC