Distance Learning

Virtual Classrooms for the Modern Student

Student in distance learning class
VSGi designs distance learning solutions that allow you to reliably deliver borderless education options. More effectively engage your students, extend your reach, and expand your offerings while reducing administrative costs and improving staff productivity. Today’s online learning environments today provide faculty and students the ability to be located anywhere, use any device, and use multiple modalities for delivering and accessing content in a teaching and learning environment. High definition video, video on demand such as lecture capture, and BYOD or mobility with visual collaboration capabilities enable you to provide borderless education where you can multiply your impact, extend your reach and improve your student’s access to knowledge and expertise.

Multi-faceted Solution Options

Recent advances in audio visual and collaboration technologies have enabled a broad array of distance learning options to address many kinds of challenges for students, faculty and their educational institutions. VSGi distance learning solutions can help your school or training program:

Case Study

How VSGi Helped University of Florida Health Services Create a Distance Learning Network

Case Study: Distance Learning at University of Florida Health Services

Learn how VSGi helped the University of Florida Health Science Center create a distance learning system to ensure students at multiple locations across the state could access curricular content without the time challenges and costs of traveling to the Gainesville campus to access top faculty.

Indiana University Study from Pexip

Remote Attendance and Student Outcomes

Researchers from Indiana University and Pexip studied the effects on attendance, absenteeism, and grades from allowing remote attendance for live college classes. Learn how this blended approach led to better outcomes.

Business person viewing content on a laptop

On-demand Distance Learning Classes

Watching pre-recorded classes online is one of the first distance learning experiences many people have. Millions of online learners have turned to the Internet for new free and paid learning options:

  • How-to videos from YouTubers
  • Documentaries on services like Hulu, Netflix, Curiosity Stream
  • Online learning sites like Great Courses Plus, Udemy, or Masterclass
  • MOOCs at elite colleges

Recording classes for on-demand replay can dramatically increase student satisfaction and organizational efficiency. It allows students to virtually make up missed classes or review challenging material for better learning. Plus it allows infrequently taught classes to be available to meet students’ scheduling needs. Combinations of independent study and small group learning programs with on-demand lecture programs can significantly expand instructor-utilization efficiency. With proper implementation these technologies quickly pay for themselves by reducing administrative costs and improving staff productivity.

VSGi offers a variety of services and technologies to help you capture your classroom content and experience for later viewing. Whether you prefer to capture and edit highly-produced content segments or fully automate the video capture and streaming process, VSGi can help you put together the right solution for your institution.

Supporting live distance learning is easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Live Distance Learning Classes

Extending the live learning environment beyond the classroom is easier and more cost effective than ever with today’s robust video conferencing and distance learning technologies. Live streaming classes allows distance learners to listen and participate in class remotely. It allows students to virtually attend class even when they are sick. It empowers shy students uncomfortable with speaking in class to reach out via less intimidating chat interfaces. It allows working students to attend class without missing work to travel to and from campus. It broadens the education institution’s geographic reach to include regional, national and even international students.

New innovations in cloud video conferencing, camera technology and artificial intelligence automate capturing the experience and allow remote students to fully participate in the class with almost no technical intervention from in-room participants. VSGi can configure fully integrated systems that allow professors to simply click one button to begin a class, view the video and chat feeds from remote participants on a dedicated screen, and automatically stream the recording of the class to a public or private web location.