Telework Without Compromises

Man Using Poly Blackwire Headset

For maximum productivity while working at home, your employees need access to the same video, voice and content collaboration solutions that you all rely on in the office. Plus, it’s important to make sure employees have the right personal productivity tools to help them successfully get work done in the home environment. 

VSGi helps your employees maximize their professional impact with the services and equipment they need for collaboration and efficient focus.


VSGi Home Office Solutions

Cloud video conferencing

Desktop Cloud Video Conferencing

VSGi personal desktop video conferencing bring the power of high-definition communications to your personal workspace, whether in the office, at home or on the road. We’ll help you optimize your service platform to provide each employee with the optimal setup for collaboration success.

Mobile Cloud Video Conferencing

Mobile Cloud Video Conferencing

Most employees enjoy the flexibility to use mobile devices while working from home. Using a tablet or cell phone for conferencing frees the laptop screen for multitasking and quick sharing of documents in the meeting. Plus, the ability to walk around or even walk outside during a meeting can help reduce stress during hectic work at home sessions.

Personal Productivity Equipment from Poly

Personal Productivity Tools

Employees can enhance their professional presence with colleagues and clients with professional grade web cameras, speaker phones, and noise cancelling headsets. Outfitting your team with the right tools is more affordable than you might think.

Helpdesk support from VSGi

Helpdesk and Support Services

VSGi offers a variety of flexible helpdesk and support services to supplement your internal teams. Let us configure a support plan to keep your remote workers up and running.