Digital Signage

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Visual Communications • Wayfinding • Contextual Imagery

Electronic displays in high-traffic areas are changing the face of our public spaces and the possibilities for digital signage are everywhere. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, these digital signage displays can transform the experiences of shopping, working and socializing.

Finding the Best Digital Signage System

We work with a variety of software and equipment vendors to ensure that every digital signage project is specifically designed to best support the unique location, content and ongoing management requirements for each customer. Here are some of our preferred vendors:

Our Most Popular Digital Signage Applications

Collaboration center with digital signage

Architectural Elements

Whether you’re turbocharging your brand’s wow factor in the company lobby or incorporating digital signage and art to transform visitors’ experiences in your locations, VSGi’s digital signage implementations offer a flexible, visually arresting option for crafting high impact experiences.

Crestron Room Scheduling and Mobile App

Room Scheduling

VSGi’s room scheduling signage solutions make it easy to reserve meeting rooms.  We connect interactive touchpads outside each room with the shared calendar features of your company’s favorite office suite – Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or G Suite to make scheduling a breeze for all of your employees. Plus, you can easily see each room’s schedule to reserve a free meeting time on the spot. Optional lighting and occupancy sensors let you know if the meeting room is occupied to prevent distracting interruptions.

Directory Sign in Retail Environment


Call on VSGi to enhance the convenience and safety of visitors in your building or campus environments with informative wayfinding signage. Contextual signage makes it easy for visitors to know where they are and how to get where they are going. With VSGi’s custom programming, wayfinding signage can switch during emergencies to displaying safety information, evacuation plans and directions to the closest emergency exits.

Video Wall with Advertising

Digital Posters & Advertisements

VSGi’s digital posters and advertising signage deliver a strong ROI – especially for retailers. Independent Retailer reports that digital signage advertising has been shown to increase overall sales by 38% and that 68% of customers have purchased products they noticed on a digital sign. It’s a great way to enhance in-store experience and support a multichannel brand experience.

Interactive Touch Panels

VSGi simplifies access to contextual information and automate the capture of routine information with interactive touch panel signage. From mall directories to museum exhibits to appointment check-ins to pre-qualification surveys, our customized interactive touch panels offer thousands of ways to streamline processes and improve customer experiences with your brand.

Outdoor Signage

VSGi designs and installs digital outdoor and window displays with the right protection and brightness levels to deliver your company’s key messages in any kind of weather. The vibrant colors and video capabilities make them much more engaging than traditional printed signage and offer the flexibility to change the images and content

Planar Transparent Display

Transparent Displays

VSGi’s implementation teams are innovators in one of the most exciting new products in the AV industry. Transparent OLED displays display full color images on an almost transparent glass structure, thus allowing customers to simultaneously view items behind the screen and images and information on the screen. The highly engaging effect is real-life augmented reality. We’ve successfully deployed them to add excitement and specialized communications functionality in corporate environments.

Digital signage displaying court docket and room number information

Custom Signage Content Solutions

Need to display data from internal systems on your signage? Ask us about our custom software development and advanced content management solutions. We recently developed a custom software application to ingest and format mainframe data then syndicate daily updates to banks of displays across a network of state courthouses.