Telemedicine and Telehealth Solutions

Doctors Using Video Conferencing

Healthcare organizations the world over are turning to VSGi to improve care and reduce costs. Collaborative healthcare solutions enable patient centered care, multi-disciplinary team support, reduction of unnecessary re-hospitalizations, and collaboration across the entire healthcare team independent of physical barriers. Video-enabled healthcare solutions are increasingly vital in a world where doctors are in short supply, costs are on the rise and communities lack access to care.

Telemedicine & Patient Care

VSGi helps hospitals and physician clinics visually connect with patients with healthcare professionals for everything from routine checkups and home health services to telestroke assessments and surgical consults. Secure enterprise-grade video conferencing with VSGi Meetings can help patients at home or in rural clinics connect with expert specialists at major hospitals in minutes. Innovative specialty telemedicine carts allow remote medical professionals to remotely attend patients anywhere in the hospital or clinic.

Medical Education

Whether it’s bringing the latest prevention information to the elderly at community health centers or innovative surgical techniques to distant practitioners, VSGi helps healthcare institutions to provide staff with content-rich, interactive, and engaging educational experiences. Today medical education is more than just multipoint video conferences for patients and practitioners, but also the ability to record, archive, and make available video content to support healthier patients with fewer un-necessary hospitalizations.

Healthcare Administration

Improve communications and collaboration across the entire healthcare delivery system for better decision-making, project management, efficiency, cost-savings and productivity with VSGi Meetings’ one-to-one, many-to-many, and one-to-many video meeting options.

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Case Study

Georgia Department of Public Health Telemedicine Program

Video Case Study: Georgia Department of Public Health
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Learn how VSGi helped the Georgia Department of Public Health overcome geographical boundaries to healthcare access and create a culture of collaboration among state physicians with Cisco technology.

Use Case

Video Conferencing and Business Voice Solutions for Healthcare

Ask your VSGi representative how mobile-enabled desk phones can keep your doctors connected both in the office and on rounds.

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