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January 20th
1:00pm EDT

Back to Reality: Enabling one-click, connected meetings for in-office and off site employees with ClickShare Conference

When your meeting room is in sync, so is your team.  

With ClickShare Conference, any meeting space is optimized to amplify human connection.  See more, hear more, and work better with one-click hybrid meetings. 

Mix and match your laptop, conferencing platforms, and peripherals to transform your organization’s collaborative meetings.  

Join Kevin Sickles, Business Development Manager, to learn how ClickShare Conference makes hybrid meetings easy.

Past Webinars

Legrand AV: The Hybrid Workplace

Returning to work means returning to in-person meetings, but the spaces where people meet are going to look much different. Setting up the post-pandemic conference room is all about raising the bar for a superior user experience for your hybrid workforce. After all, conference calls should be amazing whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

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