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March 30
1:00pm EDT

Zoom Webinar

Zoom for Government is a separate platform designed around federal security requirements. Zoom for Government data resides 100% in the U.S.-based secure GovCloud and U.S.-based data-centers, operated by 100% U.S.-based US-Persons only.

The platform has received FedRAMP Moderate, DOD Impact Level 2, and FIPS 140-2 certifications. It has official Authorizations to Operate (ATOs) widely across civilian government and the military. Zoom for Government offers a virtually identical user experience to the commercial platform.

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Stephen Ellis &
David McAlister

April 6th
1:00pm EDT

Poly Hybrid Learning for MEEC Members
For today’s students and educators, the “new normal” presents both new challenges and unique opportunities. Rather than choosing between in-person or remote instruction, teachers and their students are now planning for a hybrid learning model, one that combines high-quality audio and video, is easy to use, and allows for maximum flexibility.
Learn how video, voice and content sharing solutions will empower educators to deliver exceptional, high-impact learning experiences in and out of the classroom. Keep everyone safe while making collaboration easier, faster and increasing productivity.

We will demonstrate how:

  • Educators who are teaching students from their homes want the freedom to move around just like they do in the classroom.
  • Camera tracking technology allows instructors to move freely about the room even when wearing masks.
  • Eliminating the need to worry about the technology greatly improves the teaching experience.
  • Setting up a classroom is a breeze with a simple USB connection that becomes your all-in-one high-definition camera, room-filling speakers, and beam-forming microphone.
Learn how we can help meet your specific and unique needs and achieve your project outcomes with the latest in hybrid learning technology. Register today!
Presented by Poly and VSGi

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