Mobile Solutions for a Workforce on the Move

Man using Poly Voyager headset and working from the back of his car.

In a world in motion, there is one constant: our mobile device, which increasingly is our office. Now, it is also a video collaboration platform, where you can collaborate anywhere with a WiFi or 4G connection. 

VSGi helps you deliver mobile experiences for your employees that are as secure, reliable, and rich as any on-site video experiences are in a conference room. Our solutions can cost-effectively scale to allow thousands of mobile users to stay connected and productive, wherever they are. 

VSGi Mobile Collaboration Solutions

Man Working Remotely at an Airport with Poly Voyager

Personal Productivity Tools

The right tools can help your employees stay connected and productive almost anywhere. Professional grade web noise cancelling headsets and microphones are especially helpful in crowded, busy environments such as airports, coffee shops or even outdoor locations. Outfitting your road warriors with the right tools is more affordable than you might think.

Mobile Cloud Video Conferencing

Mobile Cloud Video Conferencing

Cloud video conferencing brings the power of high-definition communications to any personal workspace, whether in the office, at home or on the road. VSGi can help you optimize your service platform to provide each employee with the optimal setup for collaboration success.

Helpdesk support from VSGi

Helpdesk and Support Services

VSGi offers a variety of flexible helpdesk and support services to supplement your internal teams. Let us configure a support plan to keep your remote workers up and running.