Video Walls

The "Wow Factor" for Effective Communications

Command Attention and Increase Engagement

Powerful Statements • Accessible Information • Flexible Environments

Video walls are impressive and flexible communications tools. Their dynamic visual impact delivers powerful brand experiences – especially in shared spaces and lobbies. Their scale makes presentations and shared content more impactful and engaging, particularly for larger groups. With the right configuration, they can serve multiple purposes for optimal ROI.

Finding the Best Video Wall System

Successful video wall projects require a complex symphony of equipment, networking and power functionality for an optimum visual experience. We work with some of the best equipment vendors in the world to ensure that every video walls project is specifically designed to best support the your objectives and location requirements.

Here are some of our preferred vendors for video wall projects:

Popular Video Wall Applications


Let VSGi help you make a powerful brand statement in your building or office lobby with large, arresting visuals on a video wall. Unlike a similarly priced high-end fine art piece, a video wall offers the flexibility to change visuals and messages as needed for a variety of purposes. From digital art displays to brand advertising to product/service promotions to video conferencing for an all-hands meeting, video walls in lobby and reception areas can support a variety of needs.

Immersive telepresence video conference with life-size displays.

Boardrooms/Immersive Telepresence

VSGi’s video wall installations are very flexible in boardrooms. They can be used to support near life-size immersive telepresence video conferencing – the next best thing to meeting in person. They are also excellent for sharing content during meetings. When you include interactivity in the video wall, you have a huge whiteboard canvas for sharable brainstorming in meetings.

AV in a modern church setting.

Auditorium and Entertainment Venues

VSGi’s video wall systems can significantly enhance performances in multi-seat venues plus their overall cost of ownership can be substantially less than the cost of purchasing and maintaining traditional projection systems. Whether you’re displaying camera-captured video of the on-stage action to bring audience members into the performance or projecting supplemental visuals or content, video walls add a whole new dimension to the event experience.

Artistic video wall display

Artistic Installations

Increasing innovations in digital artwork and new software that allows video wall screen arrays to be placed in nearly any shape or configuration have made it easier and more affordable than ever to add stunning artistic installations in high profile spaces. VSGi can help you make the right statement add a distinctive “wow factor” to your space.