Audio Visual Post Covid and the Demand for AV Integration Services

Most if not all industries took a hit from the Covid 19 pandemic that changed things drastically. Everyone, from the government to individuals had to adjust quickly to the changes to survive in such hard times. 

Now that the pandemic is almost gone, we are seeing some changes in the AV industry. Most restrictions have been lifted, allowing for a return to normalcy. Where does the audiovisual industry stand in this post Covid times?

More Content

Now that productions are open worldwide, we expect more AV content. Producers have lined up a series of fresh content to be released, one after the other. It’s no surprise that there will be more audiovisual content for consumers.

Companies are struggling to bit losses and to remain competitive. If they produce more content, they’ll attract many customers/consumers thus gaining a competitive edge.

Some cinemas and theaters have opened their doors to people but under strict guidelines.  However, the halls won’t be as full for now because some people still fear crowds and the risk of infection. Nevertheless, it’s a sigh of relief for content producers and the AV industry.

A Flexible Hybrid Workplace

While the numbers are going down each day, it’s not yet safe to keep all employees in a single room. Employers are reconfiguring their office layouts to create open workstations to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

But still, all the employees must work together as a team in order to be more productive. And this is why most organizations have adopted a flexible hybrid workplace. This means employees can work from different locations but still be in contact with each other. 

However, it’s not easy coming up with such an integration.  Luckily, an AV integration service provider can help you blend all your technologies to create a flexible workplace.

Top AV Trends Post-Covid

There are various technological developments changing the AV industry. They include;

Advanced Displays

End users and video conferencing demand high-quality videos. Advancements in LED and OLED technologies have seen digital displays gain immense popularity. Displays are now clearer and brighter than ever before. Companies are now aiming for unique displays with ultra-high resolution videos and images.

Additionally, VR systems and 4K displays are also on the rise.  If your event is heavy on information and graphic presentations, the 4k displays and the VR systems are more of a necessity.

Companies are now relying on an AV integration services that can provide advanced displays as per customer needs.

Collaborative Meeting Rooms

Businesses are already adapting their meeting spaces for collaboration. The spaces combine AV and cloud-based working to allow employees to perform and present tasks together in real-time. There is an increase in the use of portable devices like laptops and shared cloud-based resources allowing for effective collaboration and communication among teams.

While designing meeting spaces, most companies will now use various AV systems including wireless presentations and smart TVs. This will enable them to switch between apps and devices more quickly and effortlessly.

Videos are Becoming More Effective Than Texts

What’s a better way to deliver and convey a message than use a high-quality 4k video? It’s easier and more fun to present and absorb information in a video than in a text form. That’s why you see many video ads incorporated in movies and TV shows.

This becomes more effective when the video is exciting and eye-catching. However, it takes a skilled and experienced videographer and editor to come up with a compelling video that catches the attention of your target audience.

Finding the Best AV Integration Services

AV design and integration is not something you can do without knowledge, skills, and experience. Luckily, there are very many AV integrators ready to offer their products and services. However, there are some factors to keep in mind when looking for an AV regulator. 

You want to know the range of services they provide depending on your event. Examine their skills and experience in the industry. Are they up to date with the latest trends in the AV industry? 

A good AV integrator should design an appropriate system that satisfies your needs and those of your audience at a reasonable cost. Whenever there is an issue with the AV systems, they should be able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue to prevent huge interruptions.

Additionally, you should consider the size and needs of your business. Are you a global enterprise, a small business, or something in between? For instance, a global enterprise will require a skilled and experienced AV integrator due to the complexity of the AV systems. You want someone with the highest level of expertise who can handle sophisticated systems with ease.

Last Word

AV integration enables a better viewing and listening experience in a meeting of any kind. There have been many trends shaping up the industry since the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic. All are aimed at creating hybrid working and learning environments.

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