Simplifying Collaboration with Crestron Mercury


The Crestron Mercury is an all-in-one console designed to seamlessly pull together every audio-visual need that businesses encounter in a meeting space. This tabletop solution, featuring ports, a touch screen, state-of-the-art speakers, and is compact enough to fit on even the smallest of meeting tables while providing powerful integration potential.

Here are just a few of our favorite features from Crestron’s latest UC (unified communications) product:

Clear Calling Capabilities

Meeting in the modern era can involve people on various continents, but it should still sound like you’re in the same room. Long gone are the days of static-filled, unintelligible conference calls! Using Crestron Mercury’s crystal-clear connection and strong speaker, conference calls can focus on the matters at hand rather than figuring out how to make the connection better.

Compatible with Most UC Collaboration Applications

The Crestron Mercury works with all major remote video call platforms, including BlueJeans, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Skype for Business. Some UC systems work with only one major provider, while this device is powerful enough to let you choose your own video call software based on the solution that works for your team.

Wireless Presentation Ease

Presenting graphics, statistics, and reports has never been easier with the Crestron AirMedia gateway. This feature securely transmits presentation materials from a variety of electronic devices to in-room presentation screens.

Don’t waste precious time figuring out who has an adapter for the many kinds of computers or tablets present. The gateway will help wireless connection, or use the quick HDMI availability that interfaces easily with most modern devices.

Thoughtful Port System

A helpful audio-visual hub must present exactly the connections and ports that will help facilitate meeting collaboration.  Too many options and the box becomes a megalith, taking up too much space. The Crestron Mercury strikes a balance with the following useful ports:

  • Dual LAN ports
  • USB camera in and out
  • Microphone hook-ups
  • HDMI in and out
  • Universal TV control

Let’s take a look at these ports in more detail:

Dual LAN ports

Having two ports for LAN enables simultaneous functioning of applications or segmenting out the voice/AirMedia aspect of your meeting so that you can use multiple physical networks when needed. The ability to multitask with the Mercury keeps meetings efficient and allows options.

USB Camera In and Out

Most modern video huddle rooms are equipped with external cameras. This port allows you to take advantage of different camera angles which help remote workers feel more present in the room. Speaker tracking helps align faces with voices and lets users converse more fluidly. When needed, this port also allows the excellent speaker system and high-quality microphone to connect to other devices in the room.


Meetings need support for multiple microphones. A mute feature can help reduce distracting background noise so everyone be heard through the hub and in other remote locations. Plugging in a microphone is quick and easy and with expansion connections, you can make sure every voice will be heard.

HDMI In and Out

HDMI is widely used for connecting to presentation devices, so having the ability to connect in and out of the hub with an HDMI cord gives nearly universal access. If vendors or clients bring computers to a local meeting, it is relatively easy to get their presentations up and running using these ports.

Universal TV Control

Through a customizable system, your Crestron Mercury can also integrate with any television screens in the room so that you have all the options at your fingertips, rather than individually connecting to all available screens. This connection allows for a room to be configured once and be easily up and running for a presentation as soon as people walk in to start the meeting, which saves a lot of time that should be spent on innovation toward company goals.

Sync with Crestron Fusion

A complete Crestron solution, Mercury works with Crestron Fusion Scheduling to integrate into your meeting space reservation system. Crestron Fusion helps meeting-goers choose a room that is available for the full time that they need it and ensure that they won’t be disturbed by syncing the schedule on the Mercury as well as on screens outside the meeting room.

It is disruptive to have confusion over where meetings are taking place. A synchronized system ensures that no miscommunications occur which create frustration. Many of our customers save countless hours reducing frustration and time expenditure when finding a meeting space is expedited and uncomplicated.

Through these feature highlights, it’s obvious how powerful the Crestron Mercury is:  an easy-to-use universally capable hub that makes meeting collaboration possible. It’s powerful adaptability to work with all kinds of systems makes it a must-have in a modern office meeting space.

Reach out to VSGi today using the form below to schedule a demo or a trial use of this new product. Our team would be happy to work with you to determine best use cases and implementation in your unique environment.