Enhance Customer Service and Loyalty

Video wall in a retail environment

Audio visual technology is transforming the retail experience – both in stores and behind the scenes. VSGi helps retailers provide an increased level of customer service with digital signage and video collaboration, enabling retailers to continuously stay engaged with customers and exceed their expectations.

We provide platform agnostic solutions that enable real-time collaboration between stores, suppliers, warehouses, buyers, and sales teams. That ultimately leads to better customer service and supply management.

High Impact Branding & Selling

Electronic displays in high-traffic areas are changing the face of our retail environments and the possibilities for digital signage are everywhere. Whether used for point of purchase informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, digital signage displays can transform the experiences of shopping and interacting with brands in retail spaces.

Corporate Communications

Timely communication helps retailers increase employee productivity, improve store operations, and increase customer satisfaction.VSGi audio and video collaboration solutions, used within and among retail branch locations, can enhance a wealth of retail activities. Those include inventory checks, remote support, remote team meetings, last-minute specials, and new incentive programs. Your headquarters will also benefit through better, faster access to sales reports, employee information, and remote expertise.

Remote Customer Service

Retail operations can use our video conferencing solutions for retail functions within and between stores. Those functions include price lookups, inventory control, product details, multi-language support, technical support, and providing answers to commonly asked questions.

Our business voice and personal communication equipment delivers crisp, clear audio and video connections for customer service and telesales personnel. As more people turn to online ordering and distributed customer service teams become the norm, the quality of your phone and video-based customer service becomes an important service differentiator for competitive advantage. Noise cancelling mics and headphones, professional grade web cams, and flexible desk phones help your customer service teams excel.

Supply Chain Management

Real-time collaboration solutions enable better forecasting, and timelier inventory checks and balances. They also help you to accurately track shipping status and orders, and to undertake appropriate procurement as a result.