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Be Engaged When Your Competition Is Not

With VSGi Video Conferencing & Collaboration Solutions, virtual project teams collaborate face-to-face and experts are reached via video conferencing regardless of distance, network or device. By putting a face to a name of consultants, project managers and partners, corporate clients feel secure and trust your company for their business.

VSGi custom solutions help law firms, insurance companies, and other professionals deliver higher quality and more personalized services while keeping costs under control. Traditional desktop video conferencing solutions from Cisco, Polycom and software-based solutions from Vidyo help not only lower travel-related expenses but also improve workflow and responsiveness to business needs.

Efficiency and productivity

  • Reduced travel cost for consultants
  • Increased decision making speed for management
  • Leveraging of key expertise within in the firm – serving multiple accounts/projects
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Facilitates employee development – product training, mentorship and leadership training
  • Reduced recruiting time and higher accuracy in selecting candidates

Customer satisfaction

  • Tighter collaboration between clients and the firm strengthens customer relations
  • Shortened project delivery time
  • Client access to key decision makers and experts within the firm
  • More time spent at clients for consultants due to reduced travel time



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