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Huddle Rooms

Today’s offices must be collaboration centers where individuals and teams can work together easily, no matter where they are. Huddle rooms provide an affordable way for people to collaborate and share content, ideas, and work in ways that boost productivity and foster innovation. They’re designed to incorporate video conferencing and other audio visual and multimedia technology to connect workers to remote clients and colleagues.

Wainhouse Research estimates there are some 30-50 million huddle spaces in the world, compared to just 1.5-2 million group video conferencing rooms. That’s about 20-25 small rooms for every group video conferencing room. Small collaboration spaces are exploding in popularity, and the trend shows no signs of slowing.

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Cisco Huddle Rooms


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Polycom Huddle Rooms

Polycom addresses the huddle space with sleek, modern technology that is intuitive and delivers high quality audio, video and content sharing.


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