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Polycom vs Lifesize

We’re often asked by inquiring customers about Lifesize and how they stack up next to the major video conferencing brands in the industry. Here, we compare Lifesize to Polycom.

Claim: Lifesize sells to cost conscious customers offering similar/higher performance at lower costs

Reality: Lifesize provides low cost video conferencing products, but they are limited, especially in their end to end native integration with Skype for Business, content sharing and scalability. Polycom video endpoints are an industry-proven value that provide

Claim: Polycom is expensive and complex to deploy and manage

Reality: Polycom offers a standards-based platform, with applications that can manage resources and endpoints. Their platform also includes reporting and analysis. Lastly, Polycom endpoints are continuously getting easier to use with innovations like Concierge, EagleEye Producer, Noiseblock, and more.

Why Polycom over Lifesize?

Experience: Lifesize only offers talking head video collaboration with limited experiences. Polycom offers the best video conferencing experience on any network, using technologies like H.264 SVC/High Profile, LPR, Speaker tracking/framing cameras, unsurpassed audio innovation (Live music mode, keyboard noise reduction, microphone arrays, NoiseBlock, Acoustic bubble, 3D audio).

Microsoft: Lifesize’s relationship with Microsoft is unclear, at best. Polycom’s RealConnect experience is unmatched for Microsoft integration.

Deployment Options: Lifesize Cloud is Lifesize’s only deployment option. Polycom offers Cloud, Hybrid and On-Premise options.

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