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Immersive Telepresence

Truly Astounding Collaboration with Fully Immersive Video

VSGi Immersive Telpresence solutions provide a specifically designed environment where every detail is perfected to create a visual, audio and collaboration experience that is so real the technology disappears into the background, giving participants the sensation of being at the same table. It’s the closest, most life-like and interactive meeting you can have short of being their in-person.

What makes a meeting immersive?

Life size – Life size images provide the illusion that participants are in the same room.

Eye contact – Eye contact significantly increases participant engagement, especially when the cameras are aligned to the eyes of the displayed participants.

Background consistency – Identical walls, tables and carpets allow the disparate immersive rooms to blend together.

Lighting – Horizontal lighting helps illuminate faces, reduce glare, and achieve more lifelike video.

Audio – Using directional audio allows the audio and picture location to be matched.

Acoustics – Utilizing immersive audio techniques like sound proofing and echo chamber enable participants to talk and listen without raising their voices or straining to hear.

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