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Video as a Service (VaaS)

Simplify and Scale Multiparty Video Meetings in the Cloud

Video as a Service (VaaS) offers customers a completely customized managed video solution which combines any or all of the following: hosting, bridging, gateway, network services, maintenance, and integrated room services, for a monthly fee. VaaS is available to customers with or without their own infrastructure.

To learn more, download the VSGi VaaS Services Overview.

VaaS is an ideal option for organizations that:

  • Do not have full time, in-house video experts on staff
  • Do not want to invest in costly infrastructure
  • Need the ability to conduct multipoint conferencing
  • Have or need a mixture of infrastructure and hosted services
  • Have complex / blended / custom video needs

VaaS makes it easier to:

  • Meet anytime; no scheduling required
  • Support SIP and H.323 participants
  • Better secure meeting access options for internal and external meetings
  • Get affordable and predictable price points to suit your needs


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