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Managed Video

Ensure Your Meetings Are Successful Every Time

VSGi Managed Video Services offer customers the ability to roll out a Hosted Desktop & Mobile Video Solution or a Video Content Management Solution to their entire organization without investing in any infrastructure. VSGi Hosted Desktop Video offers a standards based video software solution to provides telepresence to desktops, laptops, and mobile phones and tablets -and it’s easily integrated with existing 323 systems and SIP endpoints.

The VSGi Video Content Management Solution allows customers to streamline the processes, devices and technology required to produce and distribute media effectively over VSGi hosted IT infrastructure. It is a completely automated, end-to-end platform to support the complete content lifecycle of all video assets regardless of source or format – from the point of enterprise video capture, to portal-based viewer access, to video content management and administration, to controlling the delivery and expiration of rich media across the VSGi network.

To learn more, download the VSGi Managed Video Services Overview.

VSGi Video Content Management

  • 24/7/365 Availability – Extensive webcast production available any time, around the world
  • Corporate Branding – Customizable Corporate branding to provide greater emphasis on company look and feel
  • Presenter and Audience Friendly – Viewers need only an internet connection and compatible media player; no firewall restrictions, downloads, software installs or hardware needed
  • Archiving and Reporting – Automatic archiving and comprehensive reporting features

VSGi Hosted Desktop and Mobile Video

  • Transform you PC’s and Mac’s into Video Endpoints – Your employees computers become high performance telepresence endpoints; no special hardware needed
  • Native Integration – Easily integrates with standards based H.323 & SIP endpoints
  • Simple to Use – Intuitive graphical user interfaces and automatic software installations and updates
  • Built-in NAT and Firewall Traversal – Network Address Translation and Firewall Traversal built into hosted solution

Managed Video Applications

  • Corporate communications departments – securely stream executive webcasts live to 40,000 employees
  • Training departments – capture instructors’ presentations, slides, and Q/A sessions for live and on-demand training, and track who watched it
  • Knowledge workers – find exactly what they need, because recorded video is as easy to search as a document – using automated speech-to-text
  • Account managers – securely capture B2B and B2C meetings between anyone with a browser and web camera
  • Project teams – capture and publish a multiparty video conference meeting for colleagues who couldn’t attend
  • Employees – take video-based training and video-triggered testing from their preferred device
  • Field sales and service reps – use their mobile device to view live streaming webcasts, upload recorded videos, and access their organization’s complete video library
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