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VSGi Meetings

Video Meetings & Calling Through the Cloud

VSGi Video Meetings Powered by Videxio enables you to have reliable, professional videoconferencing using any device through a high powered dedicated global cloud network. No technical expertise or hardware implementation is required, so it’s easy to get started. Deploy and scale the service across your organization without needing to dedicate internal resources and maintain additional infrastructure.  Features include:

  • Host & join meetings from any device with a few clicks
  • Dedicated meeting rooms and endpoint registration
  • No limitations to how guests can join – even through their browser
  • Fully compatible with Skype for Business
  • Secure video delivered on a dedicated global network
  • No large, upfront costs for equipment or setup

Team and Enterprise Licenses

Enjoy scheduled video meetings with up to 50 participants, as well as point-to-point video calling from any device with our dedicated app for desktop and mobile. For high-quality unscheduled calling, place and receive point-to-point video calls on any of your devices.

VSGi Meetings is delivered on a per user or enterprise basis at a low monthly or annual fee. There are no equipment fees and no setup fees.

Registration for Videoconferencing Units

As a cloud hosted and managed multipoint video conferencing service, users can meet and collaborate with internal and external contacts from any device. Enjoy unlimited video calling, including live screen share, on a dedicated video platform with automated network management. From personal video units to large-scale boardroom systems, connect with any SIP/H.323 video address on any network with secure firewall traversal.

  • + Unlimited video calls with live screen-share
  • + Global video network with smart roaming
  • + Skype for Business gateway service
  • + Meeting room one with “one tap to join” dialing
  • + Plug ‘n’ play activation
  • + Unique video address
  • + Automated contacts directory
  • + Firewall traversal

Interoperability with Videoconferencing Platforms and Technology

Easily connect different video units, and audio platforms, and participants seamlessly in the same meeting. VSGi Video Meetings are compatible with videoconferencing units from Polycom, Cisco, Huawei, Logitech, and others.  Connect with others regardless branded teleconferencing system or conferencing ecosystem. Guests can also call in using their preferred devices including tablets, computers, or web browser.

  • VSGi Video Meetings + Skype for Business Ecosystems
  • VSGi Video Meetings + Polycom Ecosystems
  • VSGi Video Meetings + Cisco Ecosystems
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