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Cloud & Managed Services

VSGi Cloud & Managed Services

VSGi provides customers with a fully hosted solution for video system deployment, management, bridging, gateway, and network services.

VSGi Cloud Services enable organizations to focus on core competencies, rather than investing time and resources into managing video operations, hosting, or networks.

As an organization’s video strategy, adoption, and usage evolve, management of video resources can become extremely complex and costly, making it difficult to justify or see ROI. As a result, more organizations are choosing to leverage experienced managed service providers to host some or all of their video infrastructure, network, and multipoint video calls.

As an experienced managed service provider, VSGi can provide the network connectivity and hosting for all infrastructure components necessary to enable internal and external multipoint telepresence calls, streaming, recording, and more. VSGi Cloud Services allow organizations of all sizes to easily and instantly adopt and scale telepresence quality video at a fraction of the cost of a traditional on-premise video deployment.

To learn more about why your organization should consider outsourcing the management of your video needs, download the VSGi Cloud Services Overview.

Benefits of VSGi Cloud Services:

  • Reduced CAPEX & OPEX
  • Expert Management of Infrastructure, Network, and Services
  • Faster Installation, Delivery, and Deployment
  • Easily and Instantly Scale Organization-wide
  • Increased Adoption & Usage Drives ROI
  • Completely Customizable Video-as-a-Service (VaaS)
  • Not Tied Down to Infrastructure & Never Need to Upgrade
  • Easy to roll out video to desktop and mobile users
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