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Digital Signage

Reach Larger Audiences With Interactive Experiences

Electronic displays in high-traffic areas are changing the face of our public spaces and the possibilities for digital signage are everywhere. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, these digital signage displays can transform the experiences of shopping, working and socializing.

Explore VSGi Digital Signage Solutions

VSGi works closely with AMX and Vbrick for digital signage solutions.

Digital Signage Applications

  • Corporations – Provide welcome messages, training sessions, weather forecasts, news tickers, company meetings and alert messages.
  • Multinational Organizations – Create, manage and deliver important training, CEO broadcasts and company news to employees on a regional or global basis.
  • Educational Institutions – Deliver dynamic, consistent content to students and faculty across multiple floors, buildings and campuses, including building and campus maps event schedules, sporting and news updates.
  • Healthcare Facilities – Inform patients, staff and families, deliver training and enable hospital-wide announcements and room guides.
  • Government Entities – Keep military and civilian personnel informed of key initiatives, training efforts and time-critical deadlines.
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