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Custom AV Design for Any Environment or Application

For each project, we provide systems and facilities plans that incorporate industry-recognized functional, performance, and installation standards. We create equipment plans that define location, size, and arrangements in context with the overall architectural and interior design scheme. We prepare planning budgets and probable cost models for construction and installation.

As a true end-to-end video collaboration, audiovisual and managed services provider, VSGi works with each customer to develop tailored solutions across the range of cloud video, audio/visual components, telepresence, local multimedia presentations, and audio conferencing in feature-rich and easy-to-use configurations. VSGi has the unique combination of a distinguished history of reliability and expertise in innovative technology to be the best solutions provider for any organization.

Design Methodology

VSGi’s design methodology is based on a consultative approach to ensure the recommended solution directly correlates to each client’s unique requirements. Critical design elements can include: project goals and timelines, conference room environment, collaboration and usage methods, network environment, user needs, and support service levels. As a Platinum partner with each of the major videoconferencing manufacturers and an extensive array of peripheral products and services, VSGi will design and implement a solution tailored to the client’s specific requirements, rather than “lead” clients to a solution we wants to sell.

Design Considerations

Site Environment: Factors include room size, ceiling height and type, windows and lighting, available wall space, seating arrangement, type and location of furniture in the room, ceiling obstructions (sprinklers, lights, etc.), space over the ceiling, power and network outlets, and much more.

Ease of Use: A visual communications solution must not be complicated or cumbersome otherwise adoption will be limited and ROI hindered. Therefore, VSGi is vigilant in selecting appropriate equipment for the application and performs initial and refresher training for users to ensure proper utilization and user adoption.

Network Environment: Network considerations are an important component of the design approach as there are advantages and disadvantages to both ISDN and IP networks. In order to determine the best visual communication solution, VSGi will consider the existing network environment, short and long term network strategies, who the client will communicate with, location of remote sites, usage volumes, firewalls and security concerns, bandwidth preferences and so on.

Site Survey

VSGi field engineers complete a customized site survey for each location and all data is collected and used for scoping the client project. The survey activity will include confirming the design against the actual room characteristics, determining cable paths, requirements for any room modifications and ensuring that power requirements and network locations are appropriate. A Field Service Technician and an Engineer will visit the sites afterward. These visits will likely take two to three days per site.


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