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Control Systems and Automation

Everything Working Together with the Press of a Button

What is Automation?

Modern conference rooms are equipped with an amazing amount of technology, from high-powered codecs and flat panel screens to lightning controls and acoustic shields. Making them all work together can be challenging. Controls systems and automation integrates all the functionality you need in a meeting into a single, streamlined interface, helping get technology get out of the way.

Use Automation to Simplify the Start of Your Meeting

With a control system, you can take all of your conference room devices and put them together in a single interface with only the options you need. But its more than high dollar universal remote. With automation, instead of dumb device, you can combine multiple tasks into a single, intelligent, automated system. Now, instead of spending 20 minutes before every meeting making sure the lights are on, the displays are powered and on the correct input, and the audio levels are correct, you simply press a button and get started. A control panel lets you control all of the devices during your meeting from an intuitive, user-friendly interface that becomes the center of your collaborative experience.

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