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AV Rack Fabrication

Whatever the elements of your audio visual solution, VSGi will build a custom AV rack to cleanly and professionally keep everything in working order. We pre-build our AV racks ahead of installation, reducing the time and costs associated with building each rack onsite. With inventory, construction, quality control and testing competed ahead of time, our professional install teams can focus on doing the job, and not whether someting is missing or not functioning properly.


  • Reduces the number of equipment shipments directly to the customer site (i.e., rack, miscellaneous rack consumables such as shelves, power strips, lacing bars, blanks, etc., AV equipment,
  • Network and switching devices are staged and integrated prior to shipment to site
  • Reduces onsite installation intervals
  • Provides a controlled environment for rack fabrication
  • Ensures capture of equipment serial numbers
  • All software and firmware upgrades installed
  • Reduces onsite delays associated with defective equipment or DOAs
  • Basic equipment configurations and internal rack connectivity testing prior to shipment to site
  • Ability to load and test initial touch panel controls
  • Access to project engineering teams for design and configuration consultation
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