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Embed visual collaboration into any application or solution

VidyoWorks Client and Server APIs are for organizations that want to add video communication and collaboration to an existing application or web portal, or to create a customized client. Projects involving the APIs leverage existing VidyoConferencing™ infrastructure components and a client framework that includes a suite of modules that provide services like resource management, client state machine, and acoustic echo cancellation.

Key Features

  • VidyoWorks Server API to customize infrastructure components, the pre-call experience, and conference recordingquotes
  • VidyoWorks Client API to customize the in-call video client
  • VidyoRoom Remote Control API to integrate third-party control and automation systems
  • VidyoDesktop Plug-in API to add functionality to the existing VidyoDesktop application


  • No video (or Vidyo) expertise required
  • Integrates Vidyo into the applications and workflows already deployed throughout your organization
  • Lets you present collaboration options when and where users need them
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