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VidyoConferencing Management

VidyoPortal™ works with VidyoRouter™ to provide enterprise-class management tools that are accessible through an intuitive, browser-based interface. Administrators appreciate its flexibility and control options, while end users find it easy to manage their own virtual conference space. With capacity to support tens of thousands of individual users and an option to provision up to 1,000 private-label tenants, VidyoPortal can handle any Vidyo deployment.

Key Features

  • Create user accounts, groups, tenants, and bandwidth policies
  • Define multiple levels of access, from end users to super administrators
  • Enhance security with support for AES encryption
  • Supports hot standby setup for improved resiliency
  • Centralized management of Vidyo components


  • Self-service: users can host, join, and moderate conferences without IT support
  • Integration with Active Directory makes it easy to set up user accounts
  • Distribute software, moderate conferences, and create new reservation-less meeting rooms from a single console
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