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VBrick 9000 Presenter

Create and deliver presentations using a mixture of live video/audio and screen capture

The VBrick® 9000 Presenter is a powerful video and screen capture device that enables the creation and delivery of presentations using a mixture of live video/audio and screen capture. Combining the capabilities of an encoder and a screen capture device, Presenter provides a powerful capture solution in a small reliable form factor enabling both live event broadcasts and also the production of presentation and lecture capture material for on-demand distribution.

Organizations are experiencing exploding demand to share information widely across departments and geographies. Content needs to be created without incurring the time and expense of traditional video production while maintaining an ease-of-use that is attainable by anyone. Organizations need products that can be deployed with minimal training to support knowledge-sharing initiatives. Presenter fits this need perfectly.

The VBrick 9000 Presenter is a capture element of the VBrick video management platform, which spans video capture, content management, distribution and multi-screen publishing. When used in conjunction with VBrick’s video management platform, VBrick’s cloud streaming services and the VBrick Distributed Media Engine – Presenter will be able to deliver video to any device over any network.

Features & Benefits

  • Highest Quality HD Video: Capture or broadcast your content at industry-leading quality. Presenter supports HD-quality inputs and output for crystal clear content that viewers will enjoy watching. Corporate studios, HD camera-equipped classrooms or training centers can now create broadcast-quality content.

  • Ease of Use: Enjoy point and click simplicity to operate Presenter without requiring extensive training or a dedicated production staff. Anyone can now operate Presenter by pointing and clicking a few graphical icons to create sophisticated video content. Educators, trainers and sales and marketing staff will not need a training session to use Presenter.

  • Multiple Viewing Devices: Enable your viewers to watch your content on any device. Training, sales and education presenters need to provide their video content to viewers watching on PCs, tablets, mobile phones or TVs. Presenter provides the flexibility to create content in multiple video protocols supporting a wide array of devices for viewing.


  • Lecture Capture: Record video, audio and screens from lectures for students to access online, anytime, from any device
  • Flipped Classroom: Create rich media learning aids for students; enrich classroom interaction, improve learning outcomes
  • Online Training: Capture instructor-led or informal product and service training; time- and place-shift viewing to accommodate ‘road warriors’
  • Event Broadcasts: Engage audiences by integrating a live video stream of a presenter, presentation slides and multiple types of rich media content
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