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Renovo Video Scheduler

Your complete solution to video conference scheduling and automation

Video conference scheduling involves managing, automating, and scheduling endpoints, MCUs, rooms, users, and user privileges. Renovo’s Video Scheduler greatly simplifies the process of scheduling video conferences by consolidating several processes into a single, easy to use interface:

  • User registration
  • Endpoint registration
  • Video conference scheduling
  • Automated video conference start up and tear down
  • User privilege administration
  • Resource utilization reporting

Without a robust video conference scheduling platform such as Video Scheduler, many organizations use several tools to complete these tasks. Video Scheduler allows you to accomplish everything in one, simple, web-based interface utilizing a single database. This eliminates redundant tasks, streamlining the video conference scheduling process and greatly decreasing chances for human error, scheduling conflicts, or resource overload.

Video Scheduler Features

MCU Scheduling & Automation

  • Complete multipoint control unit management
  • MCU Scheduling & Load Balancing
    • Auto-select an MCI, suggest an MCU and leave final selection to user, or simply allow users to manually select MCUs they’ve been granted access to
    • In addition, auto-selection can be based on load balancing or on a weighted list of MCUs assigned to a user group and defined by an administrator
  • Hardware Neutral
  • MCU Capacity Checking
    • View real time capacities and availability of MCUs
    • Run reports for a past or future time frame to view the capacities of MCUs
  • Conference Queuing
    • Set how far in advance a video conference should be placed on the MCU
    • Determined by number of conferences that can be stored on the MCU at one time and conference load of the network
  • Scheduling Redundancy
    • Conferences can be pushed to another MCU when issues arrise
  • Live Maintenance
  • Recordings
  • Outlook Integration

Advanced Scheduling Options

  • Schedule on-demand or future video conferences
  • Reserve multiple or ongoing reservations with just one reservation submission

Video Conferencing Automation

  • Automatic Conference Set-up & Tear Down
    • Endpoints and MCUs are automatically connected at the scheduled time; users simply show up and participate
  • Automated Email Notifications
    • Keep users on your network up to date should a conference be changed, cancelled, etc.
  • Automatic Conflict Checking
    • Ensures that all necessary resources (MCUs, endpoints, recording devices, bandwidth, etc.) are available during scheduling and confirmation

Administration & Management

  • Multiple Domain Authentication
    • No need for users to create usernames and passwords; authenticates via your Active Directory, LDAP, or Shibboleth
  • User Privileges
    • Can be configured as centralized environment with a single administrator, a decentralized environment with multiple administrators, or anywhere in between
    • Functions can be determined by user or user group
  • Live Conference Administrative Capabilities
    • Stop, suspend, and resume
    • Change end time
    • Disconnect and re-connect ports
    • Change the continuous presence layout
    • Change an endpoint from dial-in to dial out and vice versa
    • Mute audio from an endpoint
    • Change the broadcast volume to an endpoint
    • Change lecturer mode and lecturer name
    • Stop video to an endpoint
    • Designate an exclusive speaker
  • Reports
    • 25 standard reports including usage, schedule, MCU capacity, conflict, and administrative.
    • Can be saved in HTML, PDF or XML
  • Reservation History
    • Built-in tracking system which records all reservations, changes to those reservations, when the change occurred, and who made the change.
  • Custom Database Fields
    • Create and define an unlimited amount of custom database fields
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