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Practitioner Cart

Reach patients no matter where they are located with high definition video and audio

The Polycom® Practitioner Cart™ transforms a roomful of technology into a simple, mobile workstation that sits at the head of a table or fits comfortably in an exam room.

The Polycom RealPresence Practitioner Cart 8000 solution enables medical professionals to provide patients access to care regardless of time or distance constraints. Medical and non-medical peripheral devices can be easily connected to the telepresence system to allow the sharing of high definition, real-time images, for example, images of a patient’s throat, ears, or skin. All standards based medical peripheral devices are interoperable so the Practitioner Cart solution is ideal for broadcasting medical procedures for education or telementoring.

The Polycom Practitioner Cart is specifically designed to meet the needs of mobile telehealth applications. The solution’s small footprint is designed around a durable, enclosed cart frame that is easy to clean, protects internal electronics and computer from spills, and provides the ultimate in maneuverability and flexibility.


  • High Definition 720p 30/60 fps or 1080p resolution for life-like experience
  • Highly mobile, small footprint with enclosed technology compartment for security and spill protection
  • AES encryption for HIPAA compliancy; power system UL 60601 compliant for use in patient care environments
  • Height adjustable to maintain eye contact
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