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Inspired Signage Xpert Player

The IS-XPT-2100 Inspired XPert Player is the Inspired XPert hardware solution that solves the challenge of managing multiple content contributors using an ultra-compact player that can also directly control the connected display when integrated with AMX RMS. It features new multi-byte character capabilities to support multiple left-to-right languages, displays high-resolution 1080p video with the processing power to simultaneously display HD video, images, text, and internet feeds smoothly and reliably. NetLinx programming options provide the ability to easily combine Inspired XPert with AMX Control systems to create messaging solutions that involve the entire environment including lights, audio, and control over connected displays.

The IS-XPT-2100 must be used with Inspired XPert Management Suite* which enables organizations to manage and publish content while maintaining the consistency and quality of their digital signage.


Ideal for larger digital signage applications where organizations have multiple content contributors. Inspired XPert is used by businesses, retailers, schools and other public venues to provide engaging messages to their audience, with content being provided by several individuals throughout a department or group while maintaining a top-quality, professional design.

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