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Acano coSpaces

Introducing coSpaces

coSpaces are the heart of the Acano Solution. A coSpace is a virtual meeting room that anyone can easily join no matter what technology they are using. coSpaces are always available; no reservations are required. coSpaces are unlimited so a coSpace can be created for every project and team. And just like in a war room or huddle room, a team can see notes and an agenda at any time.

Any Device

Everyone is able to use their preferred device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, video endpoint or Lync client. Each person can have as many devices as they like and move seamlessly between them. Multiple devices can be used at the same time.

One User Experience

Phone calls, video calls and content sharing are the same on any device.

Everyone’s Invited

coSpaces are about people exchanging ideas, whether they are from the same organization or many di!erent ones. Anyone can be invited just by sending them a link, opening up opportunities for B-to-B and B-to-C services.

Small to Large Scale Deployments

Voice, video, and web for all — by the person, not the port. Acano software is optimized for an X86-based Intel platform and reliably supports thousands of users per server.

The Acano Server will offer:

  • Further scaling and resilience provided by
    native clustering.
  • Automatic failover with no single point of
  • Call distribution and bandwidth
    management across servers in di!erent
    geographical locations.


Designed from the beginning with government compliance standards in mind, for example FIPS, JITC and Common Criteria. Acano uses “clean slate” technology and a secure development lifecycle.


  • Support for all major video standards.
  • Seamless and automatic mixing of transcoding and switched/layered video provides an optimal experience for each user while efficiently utilizing available resources.
  • Support for tens of thousands of audio ports, integrated IVR and a broad range of codecs.
  • Support for sharing desktops, content and data including sharing from Lync clients.
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