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AMX Resource Management Suite

AV Monitoring System with all the Features You Need

The AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) empowers your staff to centrally monitor for AV technology problems right from your IT support desk and remotely control AV devices in all of your meeting rooms across your organization. From hierarchical user permissions to aggregated data reporting, no other solution provides the breadth of features and capabilities as RMS.

Why RMS?

  • Integrated Room Scheduling – Integrated room scheduling lets your employees view and even update room schedules using control panels mounted outside conference rooms
  • Active Monitoring – With active monitoring of the AV technology in your meeting spaces, you can get emailed alerts that let you discover and respond to issues as soon as they arise – or even before
  • Remote Shut Down – When you don’t turn off lights, projectors, and other equipment, you waste electricity and reduce the life of your devices. Save money and the environment by remotely turning off equipment when rooms are empty or at the end of the work day
  • Resource Management – Resource management allows you to run reports on how the technology is being used, from energy consumption to which rooms really need a Blu-ray player. Now you never have to wonder when it’s time to perform routine preventative maintenance or what devices to include in your next technology purchase.
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