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AMX Hydraport

Modular, retractable cable connection system built to accommodate your meeting’s connection needs

The HydraPort Architectural Connectivity System uses simple, interchangeable modules to put together the exact future-proof configuration you need today and tomorrow.

Why Hydraport?

  • Unrivaled Industrial Design – Made with enterprise-grade components in an attractive and functional design, the HydraPort is a connectivity solution like no other.
  • Breadth of Connection Options – Every situation has different requirements, so why use a one-size-fits-all system? The HydraPort AV table box has the connection modules you need for all your applications.
  • Retractable Cables – With HydraPort’s retractable cable system, there is always a cable when you need it that retracts when you’re done, taking up less space above and below the table.
  • Port Accessibility – Collaboration is multi-sided—shouldn’t your AV table box be as well? With HydraPort, you can easily access the ports from both sides of the table.
  • International Standards – Power and connectivity requirements vary widely from region to region. HydraPort modules support all major international standards.
  • Control – Add a keypad for simplified room automation. Just connect a controller, and you can easily automate room lights, climate, shading and more.
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