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AMX Enzo

A Flexible Meeting Presentation System for Collaboration Spaces

The AMX Enzo is flexible platform for meeting rooms that provides Instant On, Instant Access to Content, Instant Meeting Start and Instant Sharing. Enzo makes it easy to instantly access and share information with others in your meeting. Enzo is designed as a flexible platform that can adapt to the changing ways users collaborate.

Why Enzo?

  • Intuitive Interface – Designed by observing what people actually do in meetings and using that information to determine exactly what capabilities presenters need to run affective meetings
  • Real-time screen mirroring technology – Share content from your laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Documents – Quickly and easily access presentations, photos, videos and other content to share on a display or projector
  • Web Browser – Built in web browser allows users to search the web for information to share in a meeting
  • Applications – Dedicated applications button which makes it easy to find your most commonly used web based apps by simply creating a shortcut
  • Control – Adjust lighting, volume and screens from an easy-to-use control device
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