VSGi Featured Partner

Founded in 1998, Vbrick is a leader in video codex, encoding and editing technologies. Their enterprise grade, cloud-first video streaming and eCDN platform facilitates global video delivery for corporate communications, human resources, marketing, sales, and government applications. vbrick.com

vBrick Solutions

Executive Town Halls

Easily and securely host and stream live and on-demand replays of important internal meetings with Vbrick’s Rev platform.

Corporate Communications

Watch how our corporate communications professional struggles with ensuring that employees with limited bandwidth can watch All Hands meetings. She finds a solution with the Vbrick Rev platform and now employees are able to watch live video; download videos on demand and feel as though they are a part of the company.

Marketing Webinars

Webinars are a powerful demand-generation tool. Rev lets you easily and cost-effectively host your own webinars. You can even bring in multiple, remote live speakers using Rev’s VC streaming and recording capabilities.


With its intuitive workflows and support for virtually any video source, Rev lets you empower subject matter experts to speed knowledge transfer and rapidly create compelling video-based training materials.