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In 1912, Tokuji Hayakawa founded a metal workshop in Tokyo and began inventing new products including the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil. After the pencil business was destroyed in the Great Kantō earthquake in 1924, the company moved to Osaka, was renamed Hayakawa Metal Works, and began making some of the the first generation of Japanese radios. It was renamed Sharp in 1970. 

Over the years, the company added new lines of electronic products: TVs, calculators, microwave ovens, stereo receivers, amplifiers, speakers, turntables, cassette players, compact disc players and camera phones.  It acquired the Pioneer AV brand in 2007.  Today the company has over 46K employees and sells electronics products globally. Their business products division is known for its commercial displays, which come in a variety of sizes and are specifically engineered for business applications.  business.sharpusa.com

Featured Sharp Solutions

The Future of Work in a Post-COVID World

Once the workforce returns to the office after working remotely, there will be an enhanced expectation for better collaboration in the workplace. Learn how the Windows collaboration display from Sharp can play a role in a post COVID-19 world.

The Smart Office

Sharp’s VP of New Business Development Cliff Quiroga explores the technology and business operations behind the Smart Office.

Encouraging Student Participation with AQUOS Interactive Whiteboards

Today’s students are accustomed to technology. Yet, most classrooms tend to lag behind the technological curve. Sharp PN-C Series all-in-one, AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems enable instructors to encourage student participation by presenting information in a smart, intuitive display.