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Founded in 1918 by Kōnosuke Matsushita, the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. found early success selling bicycle lamps. The company branched out into light fixtures and small appliances marketed under the brand name “National.” After World War II the company regrouped as a keiretsu and began selling its radios and small appliance business internationally. In the early 1960s the company changed its name to Panasonic and began selling radios, televisions in the US and launched the Technics brand of high fidelity audio stereos. Today, the company offers a wide variety of consumer electronics products. It also has a professional AV and broadcast division that provides audio visual equipment for government, corporate, education, broadcasting and event venue applications. pro-av.panasonic.net

Featured Panasonic Products

Professional Displays and Video Walls

Panasonic Professional Displays deliver crystal clear images with exceptional brightness and clarity, from standard-sized flat screens to interactive displays and video walls. With the flexibility to deliver key messages and interact with audiences, no matter what the surroundings or conditions.

Professional Projectors

Panasonic Business offers a wide range of professional projectors for use in conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms, retail outlets, museums and entertainment venues. Discover how we are freeing users to project sharper, brighter, further and for longer.

Education - Scale Up Classrooms

Panasonic envisions scale-up classrooms for education. this approach uses technology to enable interactive, student-led learning. These environments offers multiple huddle spaces where students can work in smaller groups for hands-on activities and discussions that create active learning environments.

Medical Camera Holography

Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision camera solutions offer advanced features like ultra high def 4MOS sensors (R+G+B+IR), simultaneous 4K RGB and IR images, and high frame rates ( 60fps) to help doctors visualize surgeries in microscopical or endoscopical areas with ultra-high resolution 4K quality and without any frame rate loss.