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Sonic Foundry, the parent company of Mediasite, is a global leader in software for video capture, video management, and streaming solutions. More than 5200 corporations, schools, government agencies and healthcare organizations depend on Mediasite for the automated capture, management, delivery and streaming of their videos.  www.mediasite.com

Mediasite Solutions

Meet Mediasite

Mediasite’s hardware and software solution allows you to automatically capture, edit, share and stream video content at scale.

Mediasite for Companies

Mediasite helps corporations empower their employees to use video for a variety of applications. The technology makes it easy to capture, manage and share video to communicate and collaborate with customers and colleagues. 

Mediasite for Higher Education

Mediasite is a powerful video management add-on for your distance learning program. The solution not only facilitates the automated capture of the classroom experience for your course, but also allows you to embed questions and scoring to help students stay engaged and measure their own progress.

Mediasite for Healthcare

Empower patients with informative videos. Using recorded videos for common and sometimes complex medical education for patients not only saves time for busy doctors and healthcare workers, but also ensures no important details are inadvertently omitted. Leveraging video to explain conditions, give pre- and post-op instructions and share other important information can be particularly helpful for patients who need to review the material for clarification later or share it with family members and care givers who might not have been available during the physician interaction.

Mediasite Features

Live Media Streams

If your business needs a reliable and effective way to stream live media virtual events by Mediasite is the perfect solution for your needs. With advanced delivery technology, and years of experience in the event streaming space Mediasite has the expertise you need to get the job done. Perfect for hybrid and virtual events, their streaming services are the optimal solution for the digital distribution of thinks like keynotes, conferences, town hall meetings, product launches, and executive communications. Using the Mediasite platform you can rest assured that everyone will be able view the event.

Automated Recording

Mediasite’s hardware is designed to capture multiple inputs of high quality video, while delivering rock solid reliability. Offering automated workflows for ease of use, provides an easy way to make record, publish, and manage your video data. It also allows you to pre-schedule recording times for error-free recording and handles content publishing requirements.

Video Platform

The Mediasite video platform is a one-size-fits all solution to connect management solutions. It offers the ability to store and manage videos both locally and in the cloud to allow flexibility and scalability as your video initiative grows.

The advanced technology allows for the easy management of your video assets with features such as advanced searching capabilities, wide format support, and sophisticated analytics to give you insight into how viewers are interacting with your video assets. The platform makes it easy to provide consistent and high quality video streams at a global scale.