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LG was founded in 1947 as Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. and became the first South Korean plastics company. The company established GoldStar in 1958 to produce consumer electronics products. The two companies merged in 1983 to become Lucky-Goldstar. The overall holding company was renamed LG in 1995. Today, the B2B division of LG serves business customers with a variety of specialized solutions for enterprise, government, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and industrial audio visual applications. www.lg.com/us/business

LG Products

Video Walls

LG’s video walls deliver an immersive experience. Featuring lifelike, vivid colors and a very narrow 0.44mm bezel width, error-free calibration, white balance adjustment, and an exceptionally wide viewing angle. 

Digital Signage

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OLED Displays

LG’s innovative OLED line includes both customizable transparent displays and open frame curvable displays. Both deliver stunning visuals and give companies the flexibility to create unforgettable experiences in their spaces.