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Headquartered in Limoges, France, Legrand is a global technology and equipment provider that operates in more than 90 countries. The company owns over a dozen subsidiaries with a wide variety of product lines that are all dedicated to their mission of bringing power, light and data to their customers’ spaces. Because of their outstanding quality and performance, VSGi regularly includes products from several Legrand brands in our integration solutions. Here are some of the lines we recommend most frequently.  www.legrand.com

Featured Legrand Brands


C2G is all about customized connectivity, providing access to over 7,0000 readily available solutions. The products are capable of supporting the A/V solutions for such industries as education, healthcare, hospitality, and even digital signage. The various resources show you how to make the most of any space that you have. Further, customizing the experience is one of the ways that they stand out in the world of A/V.

C2G has been effective when it comes to creating connected collaboration spaces, which can be used in a number of different scenarios. With PC cables, adapters, and audio-video connectivity, they can ensure you’re connected regardless of what equipment you have and where you plan to set up. Combine this with our expertise at VSGi, and you can have the tech support that you need for your operations. www.cablestogo.com


Chief is a Legrand brand that offers a variety of tools, including mount, storage, and power solutions. Some of their top tools look to meet the exact requirements of an application, such as a Fusion Multi-Display Configurator. Their MountFinder also ensures that the best mount can be found for a TV without the need to do any measurements or calculations.

Perhaps the best product from Chief is that of the TiLED LED Video Wall Configurator. It ensures that mounting LED videos on a wall is made simpler so that you can play videos, advertise, and do more based on the space that you have. Further, their in-wall storage boxes provide the necessary power storage to ensure that the walls are clear of wires for a more impressive display. legrandav.com/products/chief


When you’re focused on large-scale presentations, Da-Lite is the brand to embrace. This brand specializes in everything from screens to projection modules and lifts. You can place your image or video on virtually anything – and the design center makes it easy to brainstorm and build to ensure an idea is turned into a reality. legrandav.com/products/da-lite


The screens contain a number of special features, including being interactive or ideal for large venues. They can be recessed from the ceiling, built into the wall, ascend from the floor, and even be portable. It makes it easier to present in any situation when you tap into all of the different products offered by Da-Lite. The various projection modules are also capable of holding a projector at the height and angle that is needed, overcoming any obstacle you may face. 


Luxul is a brand that incorporates a lot of technologies to stay connected. Particularly when you need to be connected to the internet for a presentation, streaming content, or something else, you will need the right equipment. Luxul features wired and wireless options, many with the access points that will work for you.

Routers, switches, and even outdoor bridge kits will allow you to maintain a string internet connection. The High Power Dual-Band Wireless AP, for example, incorporates some of the latest technology. When you need wireless coverage to offer WiFi, this design is capable of delivering impressive data rates. It’s also got an unobtrusive design so that it can be mounted on any flat surface, ranging from a wall to the ceiling.

With so many products, you can decide what you need to stay connected and offer connections to everyone around you – and at VSGi, we’re proud to have Luxul as one of our partners to support you. www.luxul.com

Middle Atlantic Products

Middle Atlantic Products has been manufacturing support and protection products that are capable of mounting integrated AV systems since 1979. Their applications support residential, commercial, and security, ensuring that you have what you need, when you need it. Their focus continues to be designing and engineering products so that they maximize system reliability. They take into consideration such things as built-in cable management, thermal installations, and more.

The product categories range from AV connectivity to display mounds to technical furniture and even to racks and enclosures. Their web-based design tool also makes it easier for installers to personalize and experience so that your system has all of the necessary components to support you in what you do. The racks and enclosures, in particular, will support electronic equipment, cooling, cable management, and more. There are plenty of options to support customization. Further, there are pre-configured racks to simplify certain installation projects. www.middleatlantic.com


Vaddio has the tagline of, “The Art of Easy” because of their dedication to providing easy to use products, ranging from AV bridges to DocCams. This brand is committed to helping with comprehensive connections and has been used in a number of special events and venues throughout the United States and the rest of the globe.

There are solutions to handle everything you need for audio and visual presentations. You may love the Ceiling MIC Microphone Series when you’re doing a lot of stage work. Meanwhile, you may become dependent on the ConferenceSHOT AV Bundle if you do a lot of conference calls. Either way, there are solutions for every scenario to ensure you’re connected and capable of getting the audio, the internet connection, and more for what it is that you do, regardless of where you are. legrandav.com/products/vaddio